Industrial or Medical Use


Quality is the most important indicator for fiber optic applications. Compliance with the specification must be ensured in every production step. By using the highest quality goods and our constantly trained staff, as we are able to control essential roles in the production process, this makes it easy for us to guarantee you consistent, high quality. In a personal consultation with our sales team, the right fiber and technology are individually selected for your application and always state-of-the-art and optimized for your application. Production takes place according to your specifications and wishes. This is how optical fibers are created, ideally designed for a wide range of applications:


UV-Curing, Quality Control Applications, Astronomic and Medical Science, Spectroscopy in industry and medicine, Power transmission for welding, soldering and marking, Measurement and Sensors in laboratory equipment or harsh environments, Fiber optic flame detection

We provide solutions from UV Wavelength 200nm - 1200nm, NIR Wavelength 400nm - 2200nm, and specials for visibile wavelengths

  • POF / PMMA Fibers and Applications 
  • Cables 
  • Bundles 
  • Connector, FSMA, SMA, etc. 
  • customized ferrules 
  • Metal parts 
  • tapered fibers
  • customized solutions 
  • Fibers